Visage is a mobile golf information system designed to deliver a unique golfing experience through GPS technologies and service features. Visage not only increases golfers’ course experiences, but it also helps golf club operations protect their products and customers. Visage can diagnose potential fleet issues, assign cars, set speed limitations, set unpermitted driving areas, track players’ pace of play, send messages directly to a single car, and send thank you messages to your clients as they finish the 18th hole. This is not just a GPS; this is every golfer’s best friend.

We know that a golf car is an investment, which is why we want to make sure you get everything you want and need out of a golf car. In order to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your Club Car from NB Golf, we are happy to offer many options for your golf car. From weather protection products, to interior upgrades, to light kits, we have you covered. Contact one of or store locations today to discuss what is possible for your car.

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