At NB Golf, we take pride in giving our customers optimal service. We understand that purchasing a golf car is an investment, and we want you to get the most use and enjoyment out of your car.

Please contact us at any of our store locations with any questions or needs you have regarding parts, service, accessories, or product manuals.

Accessories & Service

Accessories & Service


We want your car to fit your every need, so we are happy to offer a wide-range of accessories for your golf cars and utility vehicles. Our accessories can increase the productivity and comfort of your utility vehicles, maximize your turf and course maintenance and provide you with a matchless golfing experience.

Contact one of our store locations to discuss availability and pricing.

Truck Load Wheel Sale   

 We have a wide variety of custom wheels (aluminum/chrome) to personalize your car.



Chameleon Enclosures    

 Enclosures to protect you from the elements and make your ride much more enjoyable when needed. These are available in various colors to match your car.

Custom Seats




We have a varied assortment of custom seats for you to choose from.  Various colors of the spectrum, paired with black or white to add a personalized touch to your ClubCar.



Custom Steering Wheels

Customize the look of your ClubCar with a top quality custom or comfort grip steering wheel.

Choose from an array of colors, sizes, styles and finishes.  








This mounted cleaner is ideal for dedicated golfers! The durable bristles in this unit quickly clean your club face and balls. 













  • Custom dash with locking door
  • Sand bottles
  • Coolers
  • Rear seat kits
  • Flip-flop seat kit
  • Economy fold down package carrier
  • Deluxe fold down 4-passenger/package carrier
  • Three-in-one 4-passenger / package carrier / box
  • Cargo boxes
  • Lift kits - 3 or 6 inches
  • Light kits
  • Radio
  • New or custom-paint for car body


We want you to enjoy your golf car and get the most use out of it as possible. Because of this, we know that parts are going to suffer some wear and tear over the years. We are here to repair and replace any necessary parts to keep your car running in prime condition. Call us today to discuss your specific golf car part needs.



At NB Golf, we take pride in working with our customers throughout the life of their Club Car. We provide all of the necessary resources to keep your car looking nice and in like-new running condition. We have professional service technicians trained to service all makes and models of golf cars and golf-type recreational vehicles.  Our Club Car certified service specialists are factory trained at Club Car in Augusta, Ga., and we have three service technicians at each of our three locations. In addition to our service training and technician background, all of our certified retail electric golf cars have gone through a 24-point inspection and our gas cars have gone through a 35-point inspection with our experienced staff before they are sold to the public.

Common services we provide include:

  • Battery replacement
  • Tire service
  • Parts and accessory installation
  • Winterization
  • Warranty work
  • General service needed for vehicle maintenance  

When you purchased a Club Car, you didn’t just buy a golf car—you bought years of research and product innovation. The best way to maintain your vehicle is through Club Car genuine parts and trained service technicians.

Please contact one of our locations to discuss your service needs. 


To purchase a printed copy of an Owner’s Manual, Illustrated Parts List, or a Maintenance & Service Manual, please contact one of our store locations.