The greatest invention in golf since the graphite shaft, the GolfBoard is forever changing the way golfers experience the game. Powered by an environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery, the GolfBoard is an easy-to-ride fully electric vehicle that adds a whole new level of fun and excitement. Golfers of all ages can now "Surf the Earth" from shot-to-shot in a way that feels like snowboarding or surfing. We call it "GolfBoarding."

  • 4 Wheel Drive Posi-Traction System provides solid climbing ability even on the steepest hills
  • Intuitive Controls with One Touch Thumb Throttle
  • "Spring Deck" technology gives amazing suspension and flex
  • Extremely Stable with the lowest possible center of gravity
  • Automatic Rear Axle Parking Brake - locks the board in position even on the steepest terrain
  • Industrial Strength Motors and Enclosed Drivetrain
  • Automatic Braking
  • Reduce Pace-of-Play - Average round is about 2 1/2 hours
  • Batteries have sufficient power to complete 18 holes on a single charge
  • Less than two hour recharge time
  • 4x11 inch Turf Tires reduce turf wear by up to 75%
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  • Hi / Lo Speed Option allows the user to set their maximum speed preference along with a forward / reverse function that provides optimal maneuverability
  • Commercial speed ranges from 5 - 10 mph
  • Personal use boards offer an optional high performance package with speeds of 7 - 12.5 mph on flat terrain; up to 14 mph downhill for riders wanting a more adverturesome experience
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