As Club Car says, “If you can imagine it, we can build it.” At NB Golf Cars, we know dreams don’t have limits, and neither does your golf car. Bring your ideas and we will help you build a custom golf car tailored to your needs and use, all while staying within your budget.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a personal golf car, contact us. Your options are really limitless when it comes to custom cars with NB Golf. We want you to have a golf car that you’re excited to show-off to everyone at the golf course, campground or lake. We can create a custom wrap with flames, lightning, your favorite NFL logo or a custom phrase that has meaning to you! Give us a call or stop into one of our three locations to get started.

Shown below are just a few examples of customized golf cars that we've created in the past. Just as there is no extent to your imagination, this is not the extent of our customization capabilities. Come in today so we can design your custom car!

Please note: THESE CARS ARE NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK but can easily spark your imagination.