Randy 3/7/2018
I hauled my son's golf cart down to NB to have new batteries install, switch, and gauge replaced. The gentleman that helped me and I think did the work was Tim. I don't know him, but he was outstanding. I've been teaching since 1973 and I think I can read people. Tim brought out ramps and helped me unload. His were better. We discussed the project and I went my way. When I went down to pick it up, he literally ran out to get the cart. He helped me load the cart. He drove it up for me. It was real windy that day. While I was strapping the cart down, Tim came out again with some plastic wrap to hold the windshield down. I would never thought about that and could have lost it on the way to Madison, MN. I will come back to NB for any service needed. When anyone I know needs a new or used cart, I would send them to you guys just because of Tim. Please give Tim a pat on the back and a raise in pay. I think he is a very positive employee and you can't be without him.

Christopher H 7/22/2017
Great business to work with. Very knowledgeable and willing. Thank you and look forward to more!!

Dale T 4/5/2017
Bought my golf cart in Sioux Falls. Ron Bartels was my salesman. Ron treated me great. I appreciated all his help. I did some upgrades. He sent me pictures of the cart after the upgrades. With living 2 hours away he personally delivered my cart to me. I could not of asked for better service. Thank you Ron for all you did. You went above and beyond what I expected. I recommend anyone looking for a golf cart to see Ron at NB Golf Car in Sioux Falls.

Darrel O 3/24/2017
Great crew in Des Moines to work with Dan , Colby, and the crew. Great service